Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Find Lost Pet


1. Contact all humane societies, private and government run, in area
http://www.worldanimalnet.org http://www.hsus.org
2. Leaflet the neighborhood....leave flyers in area stores and restaurants
3. Check with the soymilk man, postwoman, truck delivery personnel, newspaper boys
and girls
4. Call veterinarians
5. post on animal rescue and other internet lists
6. call talk shows
7. notify area media
8. Check pharmaceutical, hospital, government, corporate
and other animal labs in area
9. pray with friends
10. http://www.petfinders.org and similar groups
11. run newspaper ads
12. if you have a particular breed of animal, check with rescue groups for that breed

In Ohio, Cleveland Clinic, Case, Battelle, Kent State, NEOUCOM, Summa Hospital
are some institutions researching on animals.